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The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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WATCHMEN - The Movie WATCHMEN - The Movie
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Sheri Moon Zombie | Rob Zombie | Sheri Zombie

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Sheri Moon Zombie | Rob Zombie | Sheri Zombie . Sheri Lyn Skurkis (born September 26, 1970) is an American actress and fashion designer. She legally changed her name to Sheri Moon and later Sheri Moon Zombie after she married her long-term boyfriend Rob Zombie. She has been named as a "scream queen" and "the most iconic female serial killer to emerge on the modern horror scene.

In 2007, Moon starred in a short faux trailer segment for the film Grindhouse. She appeared in the segment directed by Zombie titled Werewolf Women of the SS as Eva Krupp. She also appeared in her husband's version of the 1978 classic Halloween, playing Deborah Myers, the mother of Michael Myers. It currently stands as the highest grossing overall film in the Halloween franchise. Despite the commercial success of the film, rumors that Moon had no intention to appear in another Halloween film were squelched when production for the sequel H2 began, which is set to be released on August 28, 2009.

District 9 Movie Review

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for those who haven't seen the movie District 9, here are some District 9 movie reviews from the all over the web:

District 9 Movie

Everything about this film is ridiculously awesome. It has enough to satisfy hard core sci-fi geeks and drooling fanboys, as well as casual viewers looking for a fun rollercoaster ride. It's the kind of movie that people complain they don't make anymore.
District 9 is a true tour de force debut; it has a robust story, well-drawn characters, emotional, superb action, and solid direction and will keep you interested from beginning to end. It’s a smart, socially conscious science-fiction film that requires audience attention and the audience thinking about the situations and what is going on. D9 is one of the best science fiction films of recent years and in my book, ties with The Hurt locker for being the best film of the summer.
- One of the BEST science fiction movies i’ve ever seen! If you’re a Sci-Fi movie fan, you must srsly watch this!

- It’s based on faux-documentary style like the Cloverfield movie

- Camera shakiness added more genuine feel to the movie, but at certain point i had some slight headache LOL (though the shakiness in Cloverfield movie was much worse!)

- Good visual effects and commentary throughout the movie. Considering it’s a $30 million low budget movie, it didn’t felt like it (as opposed to Transformers 2 which was $200 million budget movie).

- The front part of the movie, could have added more elements into it or probably cut it short, the movie started kinda slow and draggy but it was fast in the latter part

- Wrenching, riveting and somewhat violence throughout the movie

- The main cast was great, considering District 9 was his very first movie involved, fresh new actor you see…

- I thought I’d know what’s gonna come next but eventually i didn’t. And the people in the cinema were just:
“Urghhh… Aaahhh… Ewww… Wooo… Yeahhh… etc etc…”

- Some parts might make you feel uncomfortable lol!
*Hint: finger nails, tooth, and many more…

- Ohh and the creepy feeling i felt when the humans and aliens are living together in a city omg, what if it’s real LOL?

- Talking about aliens, their weaponry were so DAMN AWESOMEEE!!! Watch the movie and you’ll know…

- Something tells me that District 10 movie is gonna be the next sequel prior to this current movie

Shooting Star - Perseid Meteor Shower 2009 (Video)

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As many of us know the shooting star perseid meteor on 12 august 2009 . According to NASA

For sky watchers in North America, the watch begins after nightfall on August 11th and continues until sunrise on the 12th. Veteran observers suggest the following strategy: Unfold a blanket on a flat patch of ground. (Note: The middle of your street is not a good choice.) Lie down and look up. Perseids can appear in any part of the sky, their tails all pointing back to the shower’s radiant in the constellation Perseus. Get away from city lights if you can.

There is one light you cannot escape on August 12th. The 55% gibbous Moon will glare down from the constellation Aries just next door to the shower’s radiant in Perseus. The Moon is beautiful, but don’t stare at it. Bright moonlight ruins night vision and it will wipe out any faint Perseids in that part of the sky.

Now if you haven't see Perseid Meteor Shower 2009, the best moment in 2009 Perseid Meteor Shower 2009, check video below. I'm sure you'll be amazed. there are a lot of shooting stars/meteors. It was really awesome. they're come Some slow and some really fast. and one things that lots of meteor all over the sky.

The Blind Side 2009 Movie Trailers

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The Blind Side depicts the remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys, a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher's presence in the Touhys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle.

The Blind Side Movie 2009

How to install XML blogger templates?

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Today, i'll try to show how to install new blogger xml template for your blogspot blog. Remember this tutorial for newbie only. If you're an expert in blogger then you don't need this annoying tutorial. ^^

Okay let's step ahead my friends.

Step By Step blogspot XML template Installation :
1. Download your xml template. Usually most of the download source zipped the file. So you need to unzip it or unrar. It's the same. >>

2. Sign in to your blogger account.

3. Backup your widgets and copy all the widget code, like google adsense code, recent comment, or link list to NotePad or similiar program.

4. Go to Layout >> Edit HTML >> Expand Widget Templates
Before uploading new templates, you must download your old template to your PC to avoid if any error happened. download your old template by clicking Download Full Template

5. Browse your new templates and upload it.

5. After that a message will appear that your widget are about to deleted. Just ignore it since you already backup your old template. See step 3.

6. And all done. you will see your new template.

Tips : sometimes if you upload your new templates and follow the step above, you'll still see any error happened. To fix this just try it again. If still error then try to logout, clear your browser cookies and cache and login and upload it again.

Have any problem then you can leave a comment. Happy blogging.

How To Auto Hide Blogger Template Navbar

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The Auto hide tutorials works when visitors mouse over to the top of the original navbar then the navbar will appear and if visitor move the mouse down (not in the navbar area) then automatically navbar will disappear.
On the Edit HTML page, look for the code body {
then put code below above this body { code

body {

#navbar-iframe:hover{opacity:1.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)}